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Simple DIY Fixes to Repair a Malfunctioned Remote Garage Door Opener

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As the name implies, a remote garage door opener is a convenient electronic device that can remotely send signals to the receiver, which sets off the switch, causing the electric motor to either close or open a garage door. Simply put, through the device, you can open or close your garage from a distance without having to necessarily heave up the bulky door yourself.

Note that for the remote garage door opener to function appropriately, it ought to be within the predetermined range of its signal-sending potency. In the event that it's within the set range but still fails to work, this is a telltale sign of an underlying problem. Before panicking and calling a garage door repair contractor, consider attempting the following simple do-it-yourself fixes.

Reset the system

Both remote controls as well as receivers are basically small microcomputers. Occasionally, a reset is required to reboot the electronic circuit boards housed inside the receiver and the remote control. So how do you perform a reset? Well, simply remove the batteries in the remote control for roughly a minute and re-install them once again. In regards to the resetting the receiver, simply unplug it from the wall socket for roughly one minute and then plug it back in.

Inspect the batteries

Majority of failures associated with the garage door remote control are attributed to dead or weak batteries. To be certain that the batteries are in good shape, consider purchasing your batteries from reputed brands rather than discount brands. Additionally, consider the volts that the rechargeable batteries are producing to power the remote control. You don't want a scenario where your garage door remote control is powered by rechargeable batteries producing 2.5 volts when the remote control is designed to operate on 3.1 volts of electrical current. This twenty five per cent power deficiency may negatively affect the range and functionality of the remote control opener.

Inspect the battery contacts

Soiled, wet or worn contacts within the battery case often impede the voltage of the batteries from completely accessing the circuit board in the remote control. Any signs of discolouration or wetness on the battery contacts should be quickly addressed. Remove the batteries to allow the contacts to dry and then polish the battery contacts using a fine steel wool or fine-grit sandpaper to remove the dirt or rust. Afterwards, re-install the batteries and they should in effect power the remote control.