Garage Doors: A Guide to Upgrades and Maintenance

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Simple Garage Door Maintenance to Extend Its Lifespan

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Your garage door is one of the largest doors in your home. Moreover, it is used on a daily basis, which would make it susceptible to wear and tear. However, some homeowners do not pay much mind to their garage doors as they assume they will always be sturdy and durable. The truth of the matter is that without the proper maintenance, these garage doors will succumb to damage and this could not only prove expensive for you, but it also poses a risk of injury to anyone in close proximity to them. This is why it is prudent to employ regular maintenance measures to keep your garage doors in working order. The following are some simple garage door maintenance tips to extend its lifespan.

Keep an ear out for garage door problems

One of the easiest ways to detect a problem with your garage doors is to pay attention to the noises that it is making. Granted, garage doors will not typically operate silently. Hover, over time you will be familiar with how your garage doors sounds on a normal basis. If you begin to hear strange creaking or grinding noises, chances are there is an underlying problem with some of the components of the garage door. It would be prudent to call a garage door technician before the damage becomes worse.

Carry out visual inspections on the garage door

Although you may use your garage door on a daily basis, not many homeowners actually look at their garage doors when operating them. This is why it is easy to overlook problems with the doors yet they may be glaring at you. A regular visual inspection carried out on your garage doors gives you the chance to spot anything that is out of the ordinary on your doors. Some of the common problems that you may come across during your visual inspection are the development of rust, warping of doors, worn out weather stripping and more. Professional garage door maintenance can address these problems before your garage doors begin to malfunction.

Test out the reverse mechanisms of the garage door

Your garage door's reverse mechanism feature functions to ensure that the door can stop automatically open in the event that there is something blocking it from reaching the floor. This is a safety feature to ensure that items are not crashed or people injured by the doors forcefully staying shut. To check this reverse mechanism, put an item such as a plank of wood beneath the doors and close the doors to see if the reverse mechanism will kick in.