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3 Garage Door Repairs You Should Leave to Professionals

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When it comes to your garage door, several things can go wrong. These issues include your sensor not working, the track of the garage door being blocked and damage to the entire system. Though there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot smaller issues, there are some garage door repairs you need to leave to the professionals. Here are three garage door repairs the professionals should handle and why.

Broken Springs

Some of the more common issues with garage doors occur in the springs. The springs can become damaged, strained, broken or even rusted if they are too old. In these cases, it may seem like a simple-enough idea to replace them yourself. The problem with this is that you could severely injure yourself if the garage door falls or if something trips the sensors in anyway. If you use a professional, they have the equipment and the training that will help them to balance the door properly, to ensure there is no way for the sensor or automatic controls to activate and to take precautions to ensure the spring can be removed and replaced without injury.

Sensor Malfunctions

One of the troubleshooting steps you can take when you have a garage door issue is to check the sensor. Usually this check simply means checking the lens and making sure nothing is blocking the lens. This may lead to a check of the remote as well to ensure there is no issue on that end. If you don't see an easy-to-fix issue, like a smudge on the lens or something blocking the lens, then you need a professional. A professional can run a check to ensure that the sensor is not broken and that the lens does not need to be replaced. It could be a fuse, wire, or something in the mechanics of the sensor as well.

Cable Replacement

Depending on the type of garage door you have, you may have an issue with the cables. This is simple enough to see. You can see if the cables appear to be worn or frayed or if they are broken. These can be dangerous to deal with since some cables can be for pulling while others are linked to electrical systems. A professional can come in and replace the cable, and they can also check to see what caused the breakdown of the cable to begin with. They can then move to that repair and fix it as well to prevent further issues.

If you have a garage door repair issue that needs a professional, contact your local garage door technician. They can come out, assess the issue and let you know what damage is present. They can advise you on a repair option and give you pricing.